Worthing Museum & Art Gallery

Archaeology and Geology

 Mammoth Tusks


For more than a century local archaeologists have been collecting information about the development of this area since the Old Stone Age over 100,000 years ago.

Because of their work we have amazing collections of material from the oldest flint mines in the country (New Stone Age), beautiful Bronze Age hoards, elegant Roman pottery and household items, exquisite Saxon jewellery and much, much more.

Three of the real highlights of this collection are the fifth century Egyptian glass goblet from Highdown, the Patching hoard of Roman gold and silver and a stunning early Medieval logboat from the River Arun.

Geology and Downland Life

As well as building up a representative collection of the fossils that are found in the chalk hills of the South Downs and along the beaches we have some more unusual items including a woolly mammoth's tusk and tooth, huge ammonites and the remains of an Iguanodon that was found at Southwater.